'Poem of the Moment' reflections and remarks

"Kelsey Knight... An absolutely beautiful human being who projects genuine kindness and makes your heart smile. In additional, the wonderful magic she skillfully creates with her words is riveting....a personal song for your soul. If you have not yet had the pure joy, please pay her a visit at "Poem Of The Moment." Mary-Lisa

"Thanks for the shout out Kelsey, and for being a sterling comrade in poems...Thanks also for the great Poem of the Moment session you did with us @ Dubwise & Otherwise. As you saw, people were deeply moved by the personal poems you crafted for them. We're really looking forward to having you back. You and Angie C really make me proud as up and coming poets of our new Canada. And it's added pleasure to note that what we are doing is strictly made in Hamilton." Klyde Broox

"Enjoyed the 'She Social' last night. Poet Kelsey Knight wrote a poem for me.. thanks for making me smile!" Monique Campbell


Instinct of detail seen, shared
essence of moments capture stories
photographic mementos revealing
seeing beauty of days, nights
in between moments
love of beauty shared passions
love given with images
stories of street smiles, passing
gestures, imprints of time
sharing souls of moments
silence broken with impact
a smile awaiting
behind my lense
ever growing passions
sharing worlds of perceptions
smiles exchanging beauty
souls offering 

by Kelsey Knight