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A Canada’s Day Collection

In conversation with five long-term care residents


Mary, July first, a celebration

I remember being out West

Attending picnics

The farmers gathering

A day to celebrate


Stanka, July, every year

Hiking the children down,

Gage Park missing their father

“We don’t want to go where the music is,

Papa is gone”

I took them anyway.


Pat, July first

Mom’s birthday,

She thought it was a holiday

All for Her


Percy, “Draw a map of Canada,”

they asked in grade 5 I did.

I won first place. I won, five cents!

Spent it on penny candy

Brow Wells, right by the school

They always had candy!

Why is candy, so alluring to kids?


Joan, lived on King Street

A parade, the year I had my four grand-children

“When it’s finished, we’ll go down to the Stoney Creek Dairy,

get some ice cream”

Rushed down there, got them all cones

Outside, ice cream in hands, no kids!

Searching a few terrified minutes,

discovering them inside looking at fish tank

Outside, crowd was coming

Ice cream was dripping

down my arms and

into my shoes!

I gave my cone away

when one cone retreated to the ground; one sad lick

I took picture, my favourite

my grand-children

All sitting on the steps, eating ice cream


By Kelsey Knight